Writing Research Paper With Latex

Making the one around you use LaTex or convince a colleague to move where you can write up your whole document in word is a pretty good option for any of us- is a hard job. Why will anyone be moving to LaTex where he/she has to prepare his/her document writing codes and compiling them?

The question is too opinionated to answer!

Let’s have a glance of why to use LaTex:

Uniformity Throughout The Paperwork:

Won’t it be better if changing the style of one of your heading affects the whole document of the paperwork?- LaTex makes sure the document is consistent.

Emphasis on your Contents:

LaTex allows you to style your text first and makes it on duty to handle the typos of the rest of the document.

Swift Tool to Work:

Moving figures bring larger disasters sometimes in Microsoft WORD, working with a huge amount of bibliographies can go wrong sometimes and LaTex makes these troublesome works faster to end up.

Easy to track of abundant Citations, References etc.:

You don’t need to worry about all of your citations and references to handle; rather LaTex will make it easier for you to do the job with a minimal investment of your time.


Templates Usage For Ease:

Stressing-over creating a particular styled document is not required. There is no need to consult the style manual to make sure that every section of the text adheres to the formatting standards of a particular style. Sections, sub-sections, sub-sub-sections, references, title pages, and citations throughout the document can be formatted simply by selecting the style while using LaTex.

Good and great things take a little longer but getting used to it makes you productive a hundred times. LaTex is outstanding for Academia, Why not give it a try?

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Writing Research Paper With Latex

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Making the one around you use LaTex or convince a colleague to move where you can write up your whole document in word is a

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